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Why is it important to register your grill? 

These days instruction manuals are becoming a relic of the past.  Product manufacturers have been moving progressively toward simpler and more elegant designs so that there is less need for the hefty instruction manuals of old.  Oftentimes products don’t even come with manuals any longer; just a link to the website where you could find the manual if you happened to be interested or confused enough to need it.  Most people immediately toss out manuals knowing that they can find it on-line if necessary as long as they have a model number.  For most products this is not an issue as the model number is usually easy to find.

Unfortunately, this is not typically the case with BBQ grills.  Grills have a tendency to destroy their own model and serial numbers.  This can be caused due to the heat from the grill burning the sticker that the model and serial number are written on.  The fact that these are outdoor appliances means that weather can play a role in the deterioration of the model and serial info.  Grease from the grill also can (and often does) play a role in destroying pertinent information.  

Even if the information on the grill has not been destroyed that still doesn’t mean that it will be easily accessible.  Grills are large, heavy and awkward appliances to handle.  Often the model and serial number information is on the back side of the grill underneath the level of the counter, which requires the grill to be pulled out in order to access the info.  Sometimes the information is on the very bottom of the grill requiring someone to crawl into the counter underneath the grill to get the information.  Other grills have the necessary information inside the front panel requiring someone who is familiar with grill repair to access it.

So, as far as grills and other expensive appliances go, I highly recommend taking a moment before throwing away the manual, and at least find the warranty form.  Fill this form out and mail it in to the manufacturer.  This is going to help you out more than you may think down the line.  When you register your grill, the manufacturer now has a record of exactly what your grill’s model and serial numbers are.  This can help immensely when an issue arises.   A lot of today’s high end grills can last decades, and come with lifetime warranties on a lot of the parts.  As long as you fill out the warranty card when you purchase your appliance the manufacturer will always know who you are, what appliance you have and what warranty you qualify for.  Now you no longer have to worry about it.  

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