Outdoor Kitchens

Here at Fischman Outdoor Kitchens we take a lot a pride in our step-by- step custom outdoor kitchen design process.  In order to insure the superior quality that our customers have come to expect, we approach each job in the same manner.  This process begins with a client meeting during which we first get a feel for the space the kitchen will accommodate.  We then get an idea of the appliances and cabinetry the client would like incorporated into the outdoor kitchen.

From there we are able to create a 3-Dimensional representation of the outdoor kitchen.  This allows our clients to see what it will look like in their own back yard.  With this 3-D rendering we are able to make any changes to the design before any physical work has actually begun.  Once we have a confirmation on this design we are able to get started on the construction of the outdoor kitchen.

Quality Materials

At Fischman Outdoor Kitchens we have found that one of the most important considerations in building an outdoor kitchen is the material used to construct the frame. All too often we see wooden frames burned due to the heat of the grill, and galvanized steel frames rusted due to the South Florida humidity. Cement block is often a popular choice; however this tends to be considerably more expensive than other options and is very hard to work with for future counter alterations.

Here at Fischman Outdoor Kitchens we have decided that welded aluminum tube frames are the perfect solution.  Structurally these frames are incredibly strong, and easy to work with if you ever wish to alter your counter. The aluminum will not burn, rust or corrode.  Also, this material allows us to construct the frame off-site which keeps construction time at your home to a minimum.


Of course, we all know, the heart of an outdoor kitchen is the grill. One of the greatest assets we have here at Fischman Outdoor Kitchens is our knowledge of BBQ grills. Through our other business (Palm Beach Grill Cleaner) we have been able to get a first-hand look at thousands of grills in various stages of use. We know how these products hold up over time, we know the typical issues for each different brand, and we know which companies support their products and which ones don’t. We have taken this experience and used it to source the best grill brands to offer to our clients. As an added bonus, we provide discounted grill cleanings and grill repairs for life to our customers who have purchased their grill or outdoor kitchen from us.


Aside from grills, Fischman Outdoor Kitchens has a large selection of refrigerators, side burners, vent hoods, fire pits, fire tables, fire places and other outdoor rated appliances and cabinetry to choose from. You can personally view many of these appliances in our showroom while we work with you to determine what best fits into your custom outdoor kitchen.

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