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Does your outdoor kitchen have the correct venting?

Take a look at your outdoor kitchen.  Do you see any vents on the outside of the counter?  If not you are putting yourself at risk.  

Ventilation in an outdoor kitchen counter is a very important component.  If there is ever a gas leak inside the counter (which is bound to happen eventually due to rust and corrosion on gas lines and fittings), and there is no ventilation to let the gas out, you essentially have a bomb waiting to explode.  Add that critical spark or flame from the grill and BOOM!

Even if you do have ventilation on your outdoor kitchen it’s very important to make sure that it is vented correctly.  If you use propane for your grill and appliances the ventilation needs to be at the bottom of the counter as propane is heavier than air and thus sinks to the bottom of the counter.  If you use natural gas for your appliances then the ventilation needs to be at the highest point on the counter which gas can reach as natural gas is lighter than air and rises to the highest point in your counter.  Whichever gas you use you will optimally have two or more vents on the counter separated in a way that allows for a cross flow of air through the counter.  This aids the escape of gas from your outdoor kitchen any time there is a cross breeze.

If you don’t have the proper ventilation on your outdoor kitchen it’s not too late.  Give Fischman Outdoor Kitchens a call to have us come and install some venting for you today.

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