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Char-Grilled Rat! A Local Delicacy?

As a grill cleaning company we deal with a multitude of grill issues. Many of these issues are typically expected such as rust, grease, mold, broken parts… and the list goes on. However, one issue we see quite often seems to regularly surprise our customers… Rodents taking up residence in their grills! This is more common an occurrence than you might think. Our customers consistently assume that they are part of an unlucky few who have had a pest problem in their grill. This could not be further from the truth. In reality we see signs of this issue in about 30% of the grills we deal with. Most often we just notice some droppings and the strong smell of ammonia from their urine. The next tell-tale sign is the remnants of chewed up nuts and seeds left behind. Less common than that, but still a fairly normal occurrence is finding a nest built into the drip tray of the grill or under the burners. And, of course, every once in a while we open the lid of a grill and see those beady little eyes staring up at us.

The main issues here are firstly that most people aren’t aware they should be inspecting their grills for signs of rodents and secondly they don’t know what to look for and where to look. Now that you understand you need to be on the lookout, here are some do’s and don’ts for inspecting your grill.

– When you open the hood of your grill always look closely at the grates to see if there is any debris (nuts, leaves or trash) that should not have gotten there from normal use of the grill.

– Regularly pull out the drip tray from under your grill to clean it, and check there for droppings.

– With the grill completely off and cold put your face down near the grates and take a sniff. If it smells like ammonia you’re sure to have an issue.

– Don’t remove parts from your grill. Even though this will give you a much better look inside you could very well break something, or put it back together incorrectly. This could be very dangerous when dealing with a gas appliance.

If you find that your grill has an infestation, or you’re just too afraid to check in the first place, be sure to seek out a qualified grill cleaning service like Palm Beach Grill Cleaner to clean out and sanitize your grill for you. Otherwise, continue to be on the lookout, and Happy Grilling!

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