July 6 , 2014 /

Char-Grilled Rat! A Local Delicacy?

As a grill cleaning company we deal with a multitude of grill issues. Many of these issues are typically expected such as rust, grease, mold, broken parts… and the list goes on. However, one issue we see quite often seems to regularly surprise our customers… Rodents taking up residence in their grills! This is more

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July 6 , 2014 /

Does your outdoor kitchen have the correct venting?

Take a look at your outdoor kitchen.  Do you see any vents on the outside of the counter?  If not you are putting yourself at risk.   Ventilation in an outdoor kitchen counter is a very important component.  If there is ever a gas leak inside the counter (which is bound to happen eventually due

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May 22 , 2016 /

Why is it important to register your grill? 

These days instruction manuals are becoming a relic of the past.  Product manufacturers have been moving progressively toward simpler and more elegant designs so that there is less need for the hefty instruction manuals of old.  Oftentimes products don’t even come with manuals any longer; just a link to the website where you could find

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